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The Letterenhuis has a custodial function and does not lend out archive items, documents or objects for study purposes. Museums can, under certain conditions, borrow documents or art objects for temporary exhibitions.

Conditions for loans for temporary exhibitions are as follows:

  • Make your request in writing at least four months in advance and clearly state which items you wish to borrow. State the nature of the material, the author or the subject, the title or the description and the registration number.
  • You should take out an insurance covering all risks on the items borrowed for the amount indicated by the Letterenhuis.
  • You should accept the responsibility and costs for suitable packaging and transport.
  • You should respect the general prescribed conditions concerning safety and conservation (climate control, amount of light and UV).
  • You should mention the Letterenhuis as the source in the exhibition, the catalogue and in all publications relating to it.

Questions about conditions and practical arrangements for loans can be addressed to Daniëlle Palmans, the reading room manager: - tel. + 32 3 222 93 40 (office hours)

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